Brokers can support their employer customers by adding NH PFML insurance to their benefits solutions.

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What You Need to Know

NH PFML is a voluntary insurance plan that provides NH workers with up to 60% wage replacement for up to 6 weeks per year for absences from work due to the following qualifying life events:

  • To care for one’s own serious health condition(s) when disability coverage doesn’t apply*, including childbirth
  • To bond with a child due to birth, adoption or fostering
  • To care for a family member with a serious health condition(s)
  • To care for a qualifying military service member
  • To participate in a qualifying event arising from military deployment or service
*Contact MetLife for details about disability insurance qualifications.

NH PFML is available to NH employers and workers through MetLife, the state’s insurance partner for NH PFML. By purchasing NH PFML employer-sponsored insurance through MetLife, employers are eligible for a Business Enterprise Tax (BET) credit equal to 50% of the premium they pay for 6 weeks of coverage each year, if purchased through MetLife. Other insurers or third-party administrators may be authorized to provide equivalent PFML insurance plans, but the BET tax credit is available only when employers purchase a NH PFML insurance plan through MetLife.

Your Role

Brokers play a vital role in helping NH employers secure wage replacement benefits for their NH workers to address personal and family health needs while staying connected to work.

You can:

  • Contact MetLife to help your employer customers select a NH PFML insurance plan for eligible NH workers
  • Learn about the Business Enterprise Tax (BET) credit for the portion of the NH PFML insurance premium employers pay
  • Recognize that eligible NH workers can purchase a NH PFML individual plan if the employer does not offer a NH PFML insurance plan or equivalent benefit plan
  • Advise your employer customers to address worker questions and direct workers to MetLife
  • Instruct your employer customers to support the claims process by providing wage and leave information, work schedules and other benefits information to MetLife, regardless of whether the employer purchases coverage

Purchasing an Employer-Sponsored Group Plan

Brokers can assist employers in purchasing NH PFML insurance coverage that meets their business needs. To provide a quote or sell NH PFML insurance, brokers must be licensed in the state of New Hampshire, contracted with MetLife to sell MetLife products, and appointed to sell MetLife Disability and Absence products. Please reach out to your MetLife Sales office to discuss the process.

Claims Process

Your customers play a role in the NH PFML insurance claim process for their workers. Covered workers submit NH PFML insurance claims directly to MetLife; however, employers are obligated to address worker questions and direct workers to MetLife. Employers must also provide wage and leave information, work schedules and other benefits information to MetLife to support NH PFML insurance claims processing.