Employer Responsibilities

NH PFML was established in state law as a voluntary program allowing employers and workers a choice whether or not to participate.

What are my responsibilities as an employer?

In addition to the benefits, New Hampshire Paid Family and Medical Leave (NH PFML) comes with a few responsibilities.

All Employers Should:

  • Consider sponsoring a NH PFML insurance plan for your NH workers

  • Contact MetLife to get a quote for a NH PFML insurance plan for your eligible NH workers. NH PFML insurance can be purchased from MetLife through an insurance agent, broker or consultant who is appointed with MetLife to sell the NH PFML insurance plan. 

  • Learn about the Business Enterprise Tax (BET) credit for the portion of the NH PFML insurance premium you pay 

  • Recognize that your eligible NH workers can purchase a NH PFML individual plan if you do not offer a NH PFML insurance plan or equivalent benefit plan 

  • Address worker questions and direct workers to MetLife 

  • Support the claims process by providing wage and leave information, work schedules and other benefits information to MetLife 

Employees in conference room 2

In Addition, Employers with 50+ Workers Must:

  • Collect worker premium payments through payroll deductions 
  • This requirement applies whether the employer opts into the NH PFML group plan or if workers purchase coverage under the NH PFML individual plan
  • Employers paying 100% of premium do not have to take payroll deductions
  • Restore workers to the position they held prior to leave or to an equivalent position
  • Continue to provide health insurance during leave with workers paying any shared costs
Employees in conference room

Employers with Fewer Than 50 Workers:

  • Smaller employers are not required to collect premium payments through payroll deductions 
  • Smaller employers make premium payments through arrangements with MetLife